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Supermarket Scraps Palm Oil

Iceland, a British supermarket chain, in late 2018 became the first UK grocery store to remove palm oil from its products. Although this might not seem significant, this business choice shows that companies are listening to our outcries to stop using palm oil. I understand that palm oil is an important ingredient in some of the most profitable products in our stores, but companies need to start making changes to help our world instead of bringing it to its knees. Iceland is using its power to make way for a palm oil free society. Hopefully, other supermarket chains will adopt this idea of palm oil free aisles after gaining a sense of guilt for not initially siding with Iceland’s business decision.

It is no surprise that the UK would have an anti palm oil supermarket chain before the US. After conversing with British relatives, it's clear that the level of palm oil awareness across the pond is far greater than in the US. People in the UK have a greater understanding of palm oil’s destructive nature, and therefore raise greater complaints against its production.

I am using my voice through this blog to increase public knowledge on palm oil. I encourage anyone else who shares my anti palm oil beliefs to also raise their voices and shed light on this depressing yet necessary topic to others. I am hopeful that we will be able to reach the same level of awareness as Britain in the next few years. My goal is for a US grocery store chain to adopt Iceland’s anti palm oil business choice, sparking change across our supermarkets and our societal view on purchasing palm oil soaked foods. Who will it be? Whole Foods? Sprouts? Trader Joe’s? It’s time to step up and take enviornmental responsibility!

Below is Iceland’s palm oil ban advertisement. This was later banned from being aired on television for being “too political.”

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